TEDxACCD    Beauty of the Fall

TEDxACCD is a bi-annual event uniquely led by students to create passionate conversations within the community by sharing and spreading ideas intersecting in technology, entertainment, and design.

Theme: Failure is an inherent and fundamental experience of life. As human beings, we walk blindly into the world, striving to satisfy our needs, passions, and dreams although our fulfillment is not guaranteed. However, failure is a purifying process that strips away the inessential, revealing our inner selves and utmost potential.

Do you dare to fail?

Organizer: Vincent Zhang (Product Design)

Co-organizer: Michelle Kim (Illustration)

Visual Notetaking Team

Led by: Michelle Kim

Volunteers: Lily Lin (Illustration), Yanqi Li (Product Design), Danielle Miller (Illustration).


This was a challenging but fun process for me because I did not have any prior experience with visual note taking. Empowered by the theme -- embracing failure, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and explore this way of illustrating and documenting. Through this process, I learned to use minimal colours, rhythmic shape languages, and interesting typefaces for an engaging visual conversation.