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Soundtrack Your Life (Spotify)

Sequential Design

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Our concept for Soundtrack Your Life focuses on how Spotify, through music, can empower us to take a leap of faith to face what may seem frightening or even impossible. This is portrayed through the journey of a young skater girl named Charlie, who is intimidated by the more skilled skaters in her new neighborhood’s skatepark but then overcomes that’s hurdle with the company of music.

Through our research, we came across a documentary called “Learning to skateboard in warzone if you're a girl” and found that skateboarding is something that has inspired and empowered women and girls across the globe. It’s historically been viewed as a man’s sport, but all it takes is resilience; which is when Spotify comes in to help heighten that empowerment and experience.


Tension, Ecstatic, Journey, Fear






Storyboard, Colouring, Texturing Compositing

Prop Design


Arianna Falquez

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Frame 3.jpg
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To create Charlie’s world, we took a lot of inspiration from Manhattan cityscapes as well as concept art from Into The Spiderverse, which blends the architectural landscape of NYC with vibrant colors, rich textures, and graphic shapes. 

Final Sequence

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