Safe Niños: Co-creating Innovative Healing Environments for Kids 

Coaniquem's 40th anniversary campaign in Chile.



After Effects




David Herrera  - Animator

Inspired by COANIQUEM's unconditional love for their patients, this animation is a representation of the young patient's healing journey and aims to empower young patients during their treatment. 

ArtCenter students partnered with COANIQUEM, a Santiago, Chile based nonprofit that provides free burn treatment to children from underserved communities across Latin America to co-create holistic design healing environments that are welcoming, playful and therapeutic, to empower and nurture burned children & their families through the healing journey. In May 2019, the Safe Niños team began their design journey with a two-week immersive field research trip in Chile in which they visited COANIQUEM’s Puerto Montt (South) & Antofagasta (North) Campuses.

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