The Young Ones

2019: Merit

Once Upon a Maximalist

Title Sequence


In collaboration with Advertising students at ArtCenter College of Design, "Once Upon a Maximalist" is the follow-up campaign to Il Makiage’s “100% high maintenance” launch. The animations portray memorable Disney "villains" - Queen of Hearts, Tinkerbell, and Cruella de Vil - as strong and sassy protagonists to represent Il Makiage's female empowerment brand saga.


Art Direction - Sophia DeLaraSerda Ursan

Animation Direction - Sophia DeLara, Lily Lin

Copywriter - Nathan Bolton     

Animator - Lily Lin    



After Effects




1. Queen of Hearts

2. Tinker Bell

3. Cruella de Vil


Who is Il Makiage?

In 2013, two entrepreneurs discovered an American treasure — proprietary formulations for professional makeup that were used for decades by some of the most renowned celebrities and professional makeup artists but remained unavailable to millions of women with equally high standards. With this focus, they embarked on a five-year mission to painstakingly extend this treasure into a full line of makeup products with uncompromising attention to detail. Il Makiage teamed up with hundreds of professional makeup artists and committed to only launch a product when they were certain it was distinctly superior to any product they had ever used.