Lightroom, Photoshop

Design 8 to 12 style frames for the film Million Dollar Baby with live action components.

Storyboarding, Live Action Photography

Ming Tai

Maggie Fitzgerald is a poor woman in her thirties with a dysfunctional family. Desperately wanting to make a difference through boxing, she proved herself worthy to Frankie Dunn, a veteran boxing trainer from LA, as her career skyrockets after she won multiple matches. 


This sequence focuses on Maggie’s journey as she finds her true self and confidence through doing what she love. Using a combination of ink and oil as the visual strategy, the warm hues and the black ink slowly mix and interact with each other forming a butterfly at the end, symbolizing Maggie’s blooming individuality and freedom. The golden droplets hints at the warm hue established in the beginning frames, representing how Maggie keeps her strong character and integrity until the very end, despite all the hardships she has been through.

Growth, freedom, transformation, flow, organic