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Sequence Design

“Being Asian, especially from an immigrant Asian family, there’s a cultural idea that if you have a mental illness, you’re kind of like a person in the family that needs to be hidden away.”

This a journey of oneself facing their fears in order to welcome peace and self-efficacy. 


Asian Americans are 3 times less likely to talk about mental illness because many families hold high expectations toward their children so mental illness has always been brushed off with statements such as “you’re just sad”. 

In the beginning, the character is fearful of the demons that are contained in the "pandora box" - a metaphor for the cultural stigma for mental health. The character's fear of their demons magnifies their experience but in the end, they realize what they really need to do is to embrace themselves. 





Individual Project:




Many of the visuals were inspired by music videos by Jenny Wilson.The style and technique are inspired by directors like Satoshi Kon and Masaaki Yuasa, who are both skilled at using distortion and exaggeration to enhance the core of their storytelling. 


Final Sequence

This project seeks to encourage people who are currently battling their inner demons to embrace their identity and find peace to take care of themselves.

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