"Forgetter" Music Video

Cell Animation

A freelance music video project produced for Grand Jury Music's artist, Jordana.

Directed by Tess Lafia.

Produced by Noah Deats.




After Effects


Lead Animator

Storyboard Revisionist: Jasmine Reyes


Will you be brave enough to break the expectations of society, or will you continue to be a sheep in the herd?


In this world,  everyone wears a mask to hide their feelings and identity. The main character, Jordana, wishes upon the shooting star for a new adventure to break out of this suffocative and restrictive life. When the wish comes true, Jordana navigates through the darkness to find "the one" whom she had been waiting for.


The style is inspired by high contrast black and white design that uses a simple doodle style to support the naivety and innocence behind the story.

Character Traits

Brave, dreamer, curious, naive, passionate, awkward, likeable

Rough Storyboard

Storyboard by Tess Lafia

Final Styleframes

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