ArtCenter Student Gallery


Brainstorm, Storyboard, Illustration

Elaine Alderette

Design 8 to 12 style frames for a podcast on This American Life

Five Women is a podcast that tells the stories of five women who have experienced troubling encounters with the same boss in their workplace.


This illustrated sequences is designed from the perspective of a girl where a segment of a creature approaches and entangles her unexpectedly. The girl battles against the creature and this process transforms her into a warrior, which is symbolic for the instinctual growth for her inner strength and self-esteem. Tribal motif is repeated throughout the sequences to represent an empowering  journey that is wild, raw, and untrained.

Symbolic, strength, growth, wild, control, empowerment.

I picked images that consists of patterns and illustrated type that inspired the tribal pattern design. There are also images that inspired the colour scheme and images that have poses symbolic of empowerment and strength.