BBC Earth Rebrand

Brand Identity and Motion Design 

Footage by BBC Earth

BBC Earth is the pioneer in delivering beautiful cinematography and wild-life documentaries to their audience, yet their brand presence is lost amongst rising competitors like National Geographic and Discovery. This rebrand focuses on shifting from a corporate tone to a more engaging and light-hearted narrative.


Individual Project:

Brand Strategy

Visual Design



After Effects





The visual strategy combines graphic design and illustration to deliver a stronger impact to younger generations, using fun and quirky personas and categorizing stories under fictional genres.

Brand Value

The “moon” is used as a magnifier to find earth, symbolizing how through BBC earth's lens you can discover things that have always been there but needed a little patience and curiosity to discover.

The logo is an embodiment of Earth as it reflects the Earth’s axis tilt of 23.5 degrees.

Logotype frames the illustration to playfully display quirky monologues that pulls the viewers into the lives of these animals.

Primary colour uses phthalo blue with a hint of purple to play with the idea of wisdom, intelligence, trust, and playfulness.


We are drawn to documentaries because we can find peace and happiness by seeing how the animals thrive in this world. For younger audiences, long documentaries cannot capture stand out amongst all the short format entertainment on social media.


Social Media Strategy

Before arriving on the home page of BBC Earth, if users stumble upon a promoted post, they can slide through and see a short and sweet summary of the rebrand. The sliding motion uses still images as a strategy by creating an illusion of stop motion animation.

Connecting you to real happiness, BBC Earth offers you moments of escape by bringing you face to face with heart-pounding action, knee-slapping humour, and heartwarming romance that are better than fiction.

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