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Azure Privacy Series

2D Explainer


Just like the world of wildlife, sometimes your data is at rest and sometimes it’s on the move. Encryption provides your data with a nest that keeps it safe from predators. And when it travels, it’s equipped with the most secure transport protocols designed to keep it private and safe.


Agency: COLOR Creative

Executive Producer: Alex Sivers

Creative Director: Heather Alabado

Senior Producer: Mark St John

Associate Producer: A shley Holmes

Art Director: Rose Julian, Grace Galarosa

Storyboard: Grace Galarosa

Design: Lily Lin

Animation Lead: Grace Galarosa

Animation: Zak Tietjen, Lily Lin, Alex Vahle



After Effects



A s set Creation


Character Designs

The inspiration and shapes of the characters were derived from the shape language that we received from the Microsoft branding decks, like the pie charts, data model, document files, etc

Azure Privacies-0-09.png
Azure Privacies-02.png
Azure Privacies-01.png

Environment Design

Azure Privacies-07.png
Azure Privacies-03.png
Azure Privacies-12.png
Azure Privacies-04.png

Visual Development

CC1377_MS_AzurePrivacySeries_video 1 Styleframes part2_v1-01_LL-01.png
Frame 11.png

Final Frames

Frame 8.png
Frame 11.png
Frame 16.png
Frame 21-1.png
Frame 25-02.png
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